The Podcast Consumer – A Summary of Edison and Triton’s Findings

The latest information on who our podcast listeners are, and I’m very excited to give you the rundown! We already know that the podcast listener is loyal, affluent, skews on the younger side, and listens to podcasts EVERYWHERE but say the most often is their own home – even though the majority is listening on their cell phones. Let’s take a look at the most up-to-date, interesting info coming out of today’s super-informative webinar from Triton Digital and Edison Research.

This information was taken by Triton Digital and Edison Research, in January/February of this year. They surveyed 2000 people to gather this info.

Who’s heard of podcasting:

  • There’s a huge gap between people who have heard the term “podcasting” and people who have ever listened – 64% aware and 44% that have ever listened.
  • 124 million Americans have EVER listened, but monthly listeners are only around 73 million.

Who’s listening:

  • The gender split is pretty even, 52% male and 48% female.
  • 30% are 12-24, 32% 25-54, 13% are 55+. (There is a huge potential with those older listeners.)
  • There are 3% more women who are monthly listeners.
  • Annual household income of the podcast consumer 51% make 75K or more.
  • 61% of listeners have a 4 year degree or higher.
  • 54% of podcast listeners are employed full time, 10% employed part time.

Listening habits:

  • People who listen weekly – 48 million (17% of the total population), which has grown 2% from last year.
    Average time weekly listeners spend listening: 6 hours and 37 minutes, up from 5 hours last year.
  • People are adding more shows to their diet.
  • They also listen to an average of 7 per week, up from 5 last year.  (This is very interesting and exciting for content creators!)
  • 76% of people listen on their phone, up from 69% last year.
  • Also of note: the people who listen on their computer listen to considerably less on a regular basis. So the die-hard listeners are also doing it on their phones.
  • 82% say they listen from home, 58% in their car/truck, 41% walking around, 24% at work, 29% while working out, 28% on public transportation.
  • Listeners say they listen at home the most often, 48% of the time. 
  • MOST listeners say they listen to most or all of the episode – 87%.
  • 81% of regular podcast listeners say they increase the speed to listen faster. The teenagers are doing this the most, 12-17 year olds. Also frequency is of note – the more they listen to, the more they increase the speed.

Social and Smart Speaker habits:

  • 93% are social. 70% are on FB, 54% on INstagram, 48% Pinterest, Snapchat 43%, Twitter and LinkedIn 34%.
  • 11% of listeners own a smart speaker last year but this year, it’s 30%. HUGE! First, it’s tripled and second, 3 out of 10 are listening this way.
  • 17% of speaker owners regularly listen to podcasts.
  • 24% of podcast listeners listen on the smart speakers. (I think the reason it’s only 24% is that it’s difficult to listen on a smart speaker. So creating a skill for your speakers is a good idea!)

They also shared some information from their Share of Ear survey, which consists of 5500 respondents tracking a 24 hour listening diary of what they’re listening to within 15 increments.

ALL people (even non-podcast listeners) spend 4 hours listening to audio. So out of that 4 hours, only 4% of those hours are on podcasts. Most people listen to AM/FM radio, 50%. Streaming has 16%, and owned music at 14%. However! People who DO listen to podcasts, the number is 33%. It’s the number one source of audio for podcast listeners. 40% of ALL people listen to SOMETHING on their phone each day – mostly streaming audio, then music they  own, then podcasts. HOWEVER! The listeners listen to podcasts the most on their phones. 52% of their audio time on the phone is dedicated to podcasts.

In summary, these are the most interesting takeaways from today's presentation.

  • The podcast listener listens to mostly podcasts over other forms of audio.
  • Smart speaker owners aren’t listening to podcasts on them – yet.
  • People are listening to more shows, and spending more time listening.
  • Podcasts share of ear has doubled in 4 years.
  • In-car listening has grown significantly.
  • 40% of Americans know about podcasts but don’t listen. We should find out why!
  • 55+ audience has the biggest potential – they’re big audio users but not this form yet.
  • Podcasters really need to start making their shows available on smart speakers. Today!

What do you guys think of this data? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Please share below!

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  1. Gabby April 19, 2018 at 4:32 pm - Reply

    I find it fascinating that most listeners are on Facebook, but a lot of podcast creators state they get more traffic from Twitter when marketing their show. Why?

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    […] listeners are often doing other things while listening. They're jogging or driving or working out, (you can learn more about the podcast audience here) and they may not remember what the coupon code is, but they still may buy. All consumers are guilty […]

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