Podcast Advertising Goals – How To Achieve and Measure

Now you’re familiar with the different types of ads and content that are possible. Let’s talk about some common podcast advertising goals that advertisers can achieve with these ads.

One of the first things we are taught as an advertising/marketing student is what the heck marketing is FOR. Why? And believe it or not, they’ve simplified it very nicely into three main objectives.

  1. Inform. (Tell people about something)
  2. Persuade. (Change their minds about something)
  3. Remind. (Remind them about something)

Seems simple, right? If you think about it, all of our advertising and marketing fall into this category. Of course it gets more complicated from here. Advertisers can be informing about new products and services, or changes in policy or functionality. They can be persuading people to drop a brand they’re loyal to, or that something that wasn’t safe is safe now. They can be reminding people that a service is available for free, or that they’ve been around the longest and are the most experienced.

But podcast advertising is special. We’ve established that – that podcasters have a unique opportunity to create some major wins for their listeners. So let’s dive into what advertisers can expect to accomplish by partnering up with the hosts. Here are the common achievable podcast advertising goals.

Increased Awareness

The advertiser could simply just want to become more of a household name. They accomplish this with broader reach and growing a larger audience. This is best measured with opt-in page activity or together you can create experiential campaign for the audience and measure success by participation in the campaign.

Increased Sales

Here, the goal is obvious (and most common.) The best way to achieve this goal is to apply a direct response strategy with something measureable, such as a voucher, coupon code, or landing page specific to the podcast.

Grow Market Share

The idea here is to dominate the market – in these cases there is a strong competitor (Hello Fresh and Blue Apron, as an example.) As a result, advertisers need to get a large share of the listener's ear. They can make an effort to advertise on ALL the small and large shows possible, so they can be everywhere the subject is being spoken about.

Launch New Products

When launching new products, the best thing an advertiser can possibly do is let the audience hear the experience. Create host experiences that they can share, recommend or endorse to listeners and illustrate why it’s different/better. Then, spread the message across both small and large shows so that lots and lots of people are talking about the launch.

So now that you're familiar with what goals are most easily achieved with podcast advertising, you can pair the advertising goals up with which ads might work best. If they are wanting to simply create more awareness, you can offer a free incentive, since that will increase the chances of participation from the listeners. (Who doesn’t love free?)

If you want to increase sales, offer a landing page to measure how much traffic the podcast specifically sent your company, or offer a coupon code to track. Keep in mind with this method, it’s not a perfect formula. Sometimes listeners aren’t on their computers and forget the coupon code or special URL – so measuring overall traffic is also important during the ad campaign.

If you want to grow the market share, you need to find out the complete reach they can offer. See if they will be willing to post on social media in addition to the audio ads. Also, ask for recommendations of some other podcasts in the same niche that may give them similar results to the one you've chosen. You can also reach out to an agency (like ours, ahem) and ask for other options that will help you dominate over your competition.

If you are launching something new, you have a very special opportunity to create different kinds of exposure. You can start with the audio advertising on podcasts. After that, ask to have it demonstrated on social media. Show the new product or service as much as you can, on any channel they'll allow.

Regardless of what your company's marketing goals are trying to achieve, podcasts are a great way to get audience buy-in. Have clear podcast advertising goals from the start, know where you want to go, and then you can decide together with the host as to the best way to get there.

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Jessica is the co-host and co-founder of the She Podcasts brand which supports over 8000 women podcasters. She has been podcasting since 2013 and has been teaching aspects of podcasting since 2014. Her podcast advertising agency, j/k media agency, was acquired in the fall of 2017 by True Native Media, a partnership that allows both companies more resources and dedication to helping independent podcasters make money and helping advertisers get better advertising return.

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