Podcast Advertising Examples and Which Ads Work Best

This is a question that we get from new podcast advertisers a lot. They're intrigued and excited to put an ad together and get started, but aren't sure what works best on a podcast, since it's such a new medium. There are tons of podcast advertising examples, but I think it's important to know the classifications of what kinds of content these are.

A few weeks ago, we discussed the types of ads that are typically run on podcasts. We covered how the content was placed in the show, as well as who usually provides the segments themselves. Now let's talk about content. What kinds of ads typically work? On TV and radio, we see and hear infomercials, funny characters, likable faces and voices that will stand by your product. There are a few ways podcast advertising can be different.

Firstly, it’s digital. You have an opportunity to have the audience take action right then and there. They are listening on their phones (70% are, at least) and as a result can share, click, and visit right when they hear the ad if they want to.

Podcast audiences are also different in that they don’t mind listening to the ads if they can be engaging enough. 75% of people surveyed say they don’t think the ads are intrusive, and an additional 34% say hearing a podcast ad has actually improved their perception of a product.

As a result, there are a few types of ads that work well in this space.

Direct Response

Direct response advertising is the most popular for this genre by far. ANY company can have a direct response ad, even if their direct goal isn’t sales. A direct response ad is an ad where the podcaster specifically asks the audience to do something, whether it’s click on a link that leads them to landing page, sign up for an email list, make a purchase, or share the episode. This is by far the most trackable type of advertising, although the term “trackable” will have to be discussed at a later date. Trackability and its importance is still being defined in this space. Almost every podcast with an ad is using this type, so you can hear many, many podcast advertising examples like this.

Brand Awareness

A brand awareness ad is just what it sounds like. You pay for people to just mention your product, without a specific goal of anything other than conversation. Brand awareness goals are usually measured by overall increase in everything – traffic, social media mentions, sales, etc. Many times brand awareness campaigns don’t even have a specific landing page or call to action, they just want to be part of the show conversation.

There is an amazing brand lift study done by Edison Research here. It shows the effectiveness of podcast advertising on brand lift in several different kinds of markets. Here's a great podcast advertising example of this. Home Depot does this often as well, just simply asking that the host mention what they have purchased there recently and the web address.

Branded Content

Branded content is when a brand creates their own podcast. There are a few examples of this. Mostly, the brands do a limited run of episodes, to put something out, tell a story, grab some attention. Here are some great examples.

Product Placement

Product placement is my favorite of all the ad types. In other mediums, it can be down right ridiculous, but in podcasting’s case it has made for some really interesting and fun episodes and content.

Product placement content is when advertisers and hosts work together to come up with ways of involving the brand in the episode content. It can be done by recording the host’s experience with the product or service, or making it a star ‘character’ in the content. Here are some great podcast advertising examples.

The bottom line is that brands have a chance more than ever to be creative with their ads, for an audience that has a better chance of hearing it than any other medium.

In our next article, we’ll explain what kinds of marketing goals advertisers can achieve with podcast advertising. But for now, what ads have you heard that you find creative and fun?

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Jessica is the co-host and co-founder of the She Podcasts brand which supports over 8000 women podcasters. She has been podcasting since 2013 and has been teaching aspects of podcasting since 2014. Her podcast advertising agency, j/k media agency, was acquired in the fall of 2017 by True Native Media, a partnership that allows both companies more resources and dedication to helping independent podcasters make money and helping advertisers get better advertising return.

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