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Welcome, we are glad you are listening to Marketing Success with Podcast Advertising. We are very excited to share insider tips and tricks on how to get started with podcast advertising and how to leverage those tools to drive your companies ROI and brand awareness. Each week we invite leading companies to divulge how they use this unique medium to enhance their business and what they have learned from their different campaigns. Ready? Let’s go!

Ep 1: Welcome to Marketing Success with Podcast Advertising
Ep 2: Podcast Advertising – Turning Obstacles into Opportunities
Ep 3: Need Advice? An In-depth Look at Podcast Advertising
Ep 4: How to Advertise on a Podcast with a Small Budget
Ep 5: Small Business and Podcast Advertising – Should you be doing it?
Ep 6: The Art of Successful Podcast Advertising
Ep 7: Is Podcast Advertising Influencer Marketing?