The Benefits of Podcast Advertising Over Other Mediums

There are so many benefits of podcast advertising in comparison to all mediums –  print, audio, television, digital. Last week’s article on the main differences between radio and podcast advertising inspired me to point out the reasons why podcast advertising gets the kind of return it gets, without having to compare it to anything at all.

Podcasts are special in their own way. Traditionally, they were created by someone with a curiosity or expertise on something, designed to be an outlet for like-minded people to share and discuss topics of interest. It’s only been in the last few years that popular radio shows have been experimenting with the medium to see what works – as far as content and marketing.

So let’s dive in.


Podcast listeners are by far the most loyal and engaged audience of any medium out there. They make podcast listening a part of their daily routine, and since the host is in their ears, it’s very intimate. Some people cannot work out or drive their commute without listening to their favorite show, and get agitated if there isn’t a new episode available. Listeners create a relationship with the host in their minds, and as a result, they are very engaged with the content and therefore the advertising.


Adding to the addiction factor of a podcast is the ability to take it anywhere. Those people who are listening to podcasts make it a part of their daily and weekly routine. Many podcast listeners say they listen at home – but over 70% aren’t listening through the computer but on their mobile phone – so even if they’re home, they’re getting dressed, doing housework, trying to sleep. They really rely and depend on that content to get them through whatever it is they want to do, whereever they want to do it. They're doing and because they can take the content anywhere. They're much more able to hear ads because they can take it with them.


You'll never hear about a person just flipping through podcasts. It is completely impossible. In order to listen to a podcast, often the listener has to know the name of the show or the host already, find the app on which they prefer to listen, choose which episode has the topic of interest to them or go to the most recent one, and hit play or download it to play later. There’s no flipping, because listening is a lot of work. The shows “on deck” for audiences are carefully curated which in turn guarantees a more rapt listener.


Normally when you buy advertising, it's in one publication or on one channel, but a huge benefit to podcast advertising is that it's never the only place you have exposure. Podcasters offer social media, email, and web as bonus or as part of the package are giving them so much more for their money than if they were to be advertising in a magazine or with a banner ad, because the reach is limited. This is a huge advantage for podcast ads: it is an audio medium, but with the benefit of digital. (Or you could say it’s a digital medium with the benefit of audio.)

Buying Power

The average podcast listener is in the 18-54 age bracket, and 45% of this group have a household income of $75K or more. Over 63% of them are full time employees, and 12% part time. This group is much more capable of affording things one might want to advertise on a podcast, such as direct-to-consumer goods, digital products and services, websites, apps, and so on.

If you’re reading this and thinking about podcast advertising, why not send us a note with your questions? We’d love to talk to you and help with your first campaign!

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Jessica is the co-host and co-founder of the She Podcasts brand which supports over 8000 women podcasters. She has been podcasting since 2013 and has been teaching aspects of podcasting since 2014. Her podcast advertising agency, j/k media agency, was acquired in the fall of 2017 by True Native Media, a partnership that allows both companies more resources and dedication to helping independent podcasters make money and helping advertisers get better advertising return.


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